Creedmoor Road Store Closure

We are in the process of expanding and remodeling the ABC store located at 7336 Creedmoor Road.  It is temporarily closed so we thank you for your patience while we improve things so as to better serve our customers.  Feel free to visit the next closest stores located at 7112 Sandy Forks Road or 6809 Davis Circle.

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The Wake County Board of Alcoholic Control strives to make alcoholic beverages available for consumption, while protecting both the consumer and the general public, to optimize profitability, and to distribute funds benefiting the community and local governments.

The Wake County Board of Alcoholic Control wants to consistently provide good customer service in a pleasant shopping environment.

The Wake County Board of Alcoholic Control is a local political subdivision of the State that operates as a separate entity overseen by a Board of five members.  Those members are:


  • Mr. Willie Rowe (Chairperson)
  • Mr. Ken Kirby (Vice Chairperson)
  • Mr. Joel Keith
  • Mr. Lucius Jones
  • Mrs. Betty Whitaker