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Did you know?

There are differing products that are listed and allowed to be sold within North Carolina. Some are allocated, some are regularly listed, and some are only available via special order. Before any product can be sold in our State, it must first obtain approval from the State of North Carolina ABC Commission. That is the typical standard within every state across America.

Some products may be listed as “special order” items. Why?

Certain products may not have the sales volume to be a regularly listed item. Others may take longer to arrive from another country and cannot be heavily stocked. There are variety of products that fall under this category.

How to Order Special Items

Here is a link to various special order products that Wake County ABC will be more than glad to assist you with. Once you have found the item or if you need help seeing if a product is even available, feel free to contact our office (919.832.2726). We have certain staff members ready to assist in locating products, walking you through costs, expected timelines, etc. Please be patient as some products take longer to ship than others.

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