Community Involvement

Wake ABC Law Enforcement Involvement in Community programs


Wake County ABC Officers are active members with the local Wake County M.A.D.D. Chapter. ABC Officers are active in the enforcement efforts of reducing drunk driving offenses through North Carolina’s “Booze It and Loose It” campaigns.


SouthLight is a private, non-profit, organization whose mission is to eliminate addiction, abuse and misuse of drugs, including alcohol, within our community. Wake County ABC Officers actively participate in Southlight programs teaching alcohol and drug abuse awareness to first time offenders.

NC State’s CAMPUS Community Coalition

C.A.M.P.U.S is a statewide initiative designed to assist colleges and universities address high-risk drinking behaviors through the formation of campus-community coalitions and strategic planning based on an environmental management approach. The goal of the project is to develop a unified voice on alcohol policy and enforcement at all North Carolina universities.

The NC State CAMPUS Coalition is a consortium of members from Raleigh’s local businesses, governing boards, and law enforcement agencies linking their efforts with the NC State community. The membership is broad and diverse, but the goals are the same: to reduce alcohol misuse and abuse; to educate students about federal, state and local laws, and to establish a strong working relationship with the Raleigh community when it comes to addressing these important issues that directly affect students.

Alcohol Sellers Education

Wake County ABC Law Enforcement provides training and education programs to any Wake County alcohol permitted establishment. This program covers a wide scope of the N.C. ABC Laws with a special emphasis on sales to underage, sales to intoxicated persons, and conduct upon the licensed premises.

Parent Alcohol/Drug Awareness

Our Parent Awareness Program is in the final stages of completion and will be offered at no cost to any parenting, community, church, or civic groups. This program was created in an effort to educate parents on the most up-to-date signs of alcohol and/or drug abuse among teenagers. The program contains the most recent trends among our young people and exposes some hidden signs of drug and alcohol use.