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We had 12,344 entries in this year’s lottery which is a new record. After it being open for 26 days, the lottery is now closed and no one else can enter. We know that everyone has questions so let us see if we can answer them.




Allow us to explain the process that will take place.

  1. We are working to remove all duplicate entries.
  2. All “out of area” entries will then be removed. Believe us when we say folks from Charlotte, Wilmington, Virginia, and other states enter attempting to cheat the process.
  3. We will then instruct the software to put all remaining entries into a randomized order.
  4. We will then export this randomized database which will show us the winners.
  5. We will then go over the list and assign the bottles per everyone’s prioritization. Every winner will have a number (the randomized number given) and every bottle will then be numbered per that winner basically assigning the highest prioritized product still available. We will physically put a numbered sticker on each bottle so as to eliminate confusion with transferring product and customer purchasing. This will take time! We want this done correctly! We ask for everyone’s patience while this process takes place.
  6. We will then send out an email to the winners notifying them of when the bottles will be at their preferred store pick up location.



That’s a valid question and we want to let everyone know as quickly as possible. There are 200 winners of 200 bottles.

We will soon add a downloadable list to the bottom of this webpage under the link “DID YOU WIN?”. The list will have some of the fields each of you entered but be abbreviated. This is to protect your identity but still let everyone know if you have won. The list is not in order of winning rather it is laid out in alphabetical order by last name. That way everyone can quickly search to see if their name is listed.

For example, let’s say the following entry was made.


  • Last Name: Spackler
  • First Name: Carl
  • Address: 123 Caddyshack Drive
  • Zip: 27604
  • Email:
  • Phone: (717) 975-0940


If Mr. Spackler won, the list of winners would show the following.


  • Last name: Spa (we will only show the first three letters)
  • First name: Car (we will only show the first three letters)
  • Email: gree (we will only show the first four characters)
  • Phone: 0940 (we will only show the last four numbers)


So if you look and do not see where your information matches, then unfortunately you did not win. If you see that you match all four fields then you most likely did win.  We will do our best to contact you by email within the next seven (7) days if you won. If you feel that you won and have not been contacted after seven (7) days, then you are welcome to send an email to


We thank everyone for their patience as we work through this process. As stated before…this will take time because we want it done correctly. Thanks to everyone who entered.