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As mentioned in previous email communication, Wake County Alcoholic Beverage Control is changing when our full time and part time employees are paid for time worked. For quite some time, employees have been compensated twice a month. That has traditionally been on the 15th day of the month (or the last working day closest to the 15th) and the last working day of the month. Confusing right? This pay schedule originated when employees were only paid once a month and we have heard your feedback about how complicated it can be.

Therefore, starting May 1, employees will be paid every two weeks. This change coincides with the renewal of insurance benefits for full time employees. To simplify it, we will be transitioning from 24 pay periods (2 times a month for 12 months) to 26 pay periods (52 weeks in a year so 26 pay periods). It is our hope that this eliminates a lot of existing confusion. As with any change, we understand there are positives and negatives.



Some of the negatives include:

  • Administrative Staff time that goes into making this change
  • Paycor programming changes
  • A little less compensation on each paycheck
  • Store Managers will have more responsibility in approving time cards or those they supervise may not get paid correctly

Some of the positives include:

  • Less confusion with what work weeks are included with each pay
  • More pay dates throughout the year. This means that there will be about 2 times each year where you will be paid three times in a month (see September in calendar below) which means no employee elected insurance will be deducted from your paycheck.

Here is an example of how your pay may be effected.



  • Employee: Mrs. Sue Jones
  • Job: Store Customer Service Representative (Clerk)
  • Salary before taxes: $42,481 per year or $20.42 per hour
  • Salary after taxes: (i.e. minus about 35% thanks to Uncle Sam) = $27,612 per year or $13.27 per hour
  • ————————————————————————————————————————–
  • Current Pay Methodology (no overtime included) – This comes to basically $1,150.50 per paycheck ($27,612 / 24 pay periods)
  • New Pay Methodology (no overtime included) – This comes to basically $1,062 per paycheck ($27,612 / 26 pay periods). That’s $88.50 less each paycheck but remember you will be getting paid two additional pay checks during the entire year (see calendar below).
  • NOTE: If you have any associated garnishments, please plan accordingly and notify your case worker.



To help all employees plan ahead, here is a downloadable calendar highlighting the pay days. If you look at September, you’ll see where there are three pay checks. We also found it beneficial to provide a downloadable spreadsheet so that everyone knows what pay periods go into what paychecks as well as when earned overtime will be paid out.

Hopefully this answers a lot of questions you may have. If we didn’t cover everything, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bryan, Bernie, or Tara here at the office. We’ll keep this website up for a while to help everyone out. Feel free to share it with your co-workers.